Poodles for Dubya

Democrats warn Chavez: Don’t bash Bush

Uh, earth to Democrats. Chavez already DID bash Bush. And in doing so, showed far more guts and integrity than most of you spineless weasels ever have, given that you vote for torture and war, then pretend to oppose Bush.

Unlike Democratic “leadership,” Chavez genuinely stands for something, and is willing to fight for it too, certainly reasons why his stature and influence is steadily increasing in Latin America and the world. You Democrats might want to try that approach one day.


  1. Daniel Rivera-Franqui

    Good to see democrats defending Bush. Next, I’ll guess they’ll campaign for him. After all, they pretty much stand the same on so many issues.

  2. Actually giving up the charade of being an opposition party wouldn’t throw the whole system into turmoil.

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