Hugo Chavez at the UN

I’ve been tracking this down keenly. The speech is extraordinary and, with a little bit of luck, I may be able to share the video of same.

Anyone that can throw out such lines as(in reference to G.W.Bush) –“The devil has been here — you can smell the sulphur” — is offering out-of-the-ordinary fare compared to what one is used to from that assembly.

Anyway , I’m Dave Riley, and as such I hope to share a few thoughts here at Zeros especially my take(so I say) on various attempts to regroup the left. I usually blog here and podcast more generally from the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.

Yes, that’s right, I live forty minutes from the zoological home of the now deceased Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. Crikey! I do! I have never been there — to this zoo. Such saintliness and envionemntal warriorship was on our doorstep, so to speak, and I’ve missed the miracle: all the caring and sharing of all that reach out and touch the wildlife to ‘feel’ the danger up close. But I haven’t missed the mourning! ‘Tis amazing. Austria may have their Arnold (now known as ‘The Executioner’ there). You may have remade him as your beloved Guvenator. But we’ve been ordained by Steve Irwin who believed that our present prime minister– John Howard –was the very best. Such a friend as JH the ‘wildlife’ can do without.

Anyhow,nuff said: it’s about time I threw a few more crocodile steaks on the barbee…