Lull in antiwar movement?

The public now opposes the war(s). Bush’s poll ratings are among the lowest ever for a President. His own party is now openly defying him, as witness their refusal to ok Bolton for the UN and their opposing him on all-torture-all-the-time.

So where’s the outrage? Why aren’t there people in the streets? There’s a strange lull happening in the antiwar movement now. In part it’s due to the upcoming midterm elections in November. That giant sucking sound you hear is the energy getting siphoned out of protest and into the Democratic Party where it will be neutralized. That’s always been a major role of the Democratic Party, to render protest harmless. If you think the Democrats retaking the House means an end to the wars, hey, the vast majority of them voted FOR the wars. And will continue to do so.

Another reason for the ennui is that people are maybe a bit burned out. It’s been a tumultuous year. Immigrants Rights marches, anti-Minutemen protests, several major antiwar protests. As one who is active in the ANSWER Coalition, we’ve had a role in organizing all of these, and are currently organizing for another round of antiwar protests on October 28, just before the elections.
Oragnizers don’t lead the movement. The movement leads the movement. Organizers need to be ready for when events create mass dissent. That time is coming, probably sooner rather than later. Right now, the US movement appears to be napping. It’ll wake up soon enough.


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