That road goes nowhere

Two people Sue and I know have recently cratered their lives by going back to the crack pipe after being clean and sober for a while.

One committed credit card fraud to pay for his habit, the other has vanished after she started using last week. No one has seen her, and her apartment appears unused. The first one had a successful business and is now living at a rescue mission, the second, a good job, and she’s blown that up.

“All a friend can say is, ain’t it a shame,” and I say that as one who has been clean and sober a long time now. But there’s nothing you can do until they want to quit.

Someone who made it- Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, who by her own words used to “drink like a fish”, died with nearly 26 years of sobriety – and as governor she started rehab programs in Texas prisons too.

PS. A joke maybe only those familiar with alcoholism and drug addiction can appreciate.

“What’s the difference between an alcoholic and an addict?”

“An alcoholic will steal your money, spend it on booze, come back, and tearfully admit he stole the money. An addict will steal your money, spend it on drugs, come back, and help you look for the money.”

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