Excesses of capitalism

When predatory greed is the accepted norm…


Blue Cross in California apparently has devised a novel way to save money. If claims get too high, they cancel the policy retroactively. The State of California is expected to bring action against them quite soon, and a multitude of lawsuits have been filed. Meanwhile, those whose policies have been cancelled might lose their homes.

Many years ago, I worked at a small insurance agency. The owner had a cartoon on his wall, drawn by a friend. It showed him saying to a client, “You’re covered for everything but claims.” Yuck, yuck. However, he was kidding. Blue Cross, it appears, isn’t.


Mining companies in Illinois plan to use the “longwall” method to get coal. This causes the earth to sink several feet, causing homes, roads, and cropland to sink. The companies say they’ll get around to fixing the sinkholes (how?), so stop the jabbering about your house foundation being askew.

Why is this even allowed? Why is private profit so clearly being put above the public good? Houses should not be allowed to sink so someone else can make a profit. Nor should insurance companies be allowed to cancel policies because it costs them too much. We need an economic system where the health and welfare of the people is foremost, not one where the profit motive works to their detriment.

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  1. They seek it here they seek it there, it seems that you are still looking for that mythical beast, “compassionate capitalism”. The simple priciple of capitalism is that you put in $1 and take out $1.50. That only works for a few, the others walk away with nothing.
    First you make your millions, then you become a philanthropist.

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