Free the Cuban Five

March to White House. Sat. Sept.23

The Cuban Five received grotesquely long sentences for infiltrating right wing Cuban exile groups. They did not infiltrate or spy on the US government, only on private groups who have boasted of committing violent crimes in Cuba.

The trial was Orwellian. The government said they were ‘spying’ because they took photos of planes taking off from a military base (they wanted to see if any of the planes were private, and thus paramilitary.) However, they took the photos on a platform outside the base specially designed for people to take photos of the base! For defending their own country against right wing thugs (who work hand-in-hand) with allies in the US government, some of them received life sentence.

Next Saturday, there will be a nationally coordinated march and rally in DC to demand they be freed. This miscarriage of justice needs to be reversed.