1. This confuses me Bob — why would someone want to move from Blogger to WordPress? Whats’ the thinking — the core advantages?I’m not suggesting its not a worthwhile activity but I look upon these other blogging platforms as demanding of financial outlay whereas Blogger offers blogging for the masses — it’s the Model T of blogging and even a lot cheaper than you can ever imagine if you were thinking cars.

    The other angle also applies: why move from Blogger as is to Blogger in beta? It’s neater if you can’t HTML, that’s true but aside from looks and a few tagging options theres’ not a whole lot of bells and whistles that you’d want to defer to impulsively. New atom aspects are a plus, I gather, so too is the feed integration option on the margin — but these tweaks aren’t original and beyond the prospect of the current platform.

    And the most annoying thing is that Blogger in beta syncs with your gmail account so that if you have a beta account your gmail one is the default sign in (or it was two weeks ago but things can move fast in Bloggerville).Very annoying.

  2. Software for WordPress is free at WordPress.ORG. You can also get a free hosted version at WordPress.COM (somewhat different software from the .ORG version)

    Even if you host yourself, the costs are small. I use BlueHost, $7.95 a month. They have one-click updates for WordPress, which is handy.

    In terms of functionality, WordPress has hundreds of free plugins to add functionality. Themes too. Download one and tweak it as much as needed.

    There’s lots more. Get a free hosted account on wordpress.COM and play with it. While I’ve not used Blogger, everyone I heard that looked at both says WordPress has way more features.

    What happened to EarOut?

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