Don Carlo

From the LA Times review

Terrorism is enforced by religious extremists controlling government. A popular uprising is the result of an unpopular war in which a superpower is ensconced in a distant land where it isn’t wanted.

This would be Verdi’s opera, Don Carlo, which is based in Spain in 1560. Sue and I saw it Wed. night. Sweeping and epic, to be sure, but unrelentingly grim. Betrayal, treachery, a despotic King, and overhadowing it all is the Grand Inquisitor. As you might expect, it ends badly for those who would fight for freedom. Me, I prefer epic sagas where the good guys don’t die painful deaths.


  1. So often history tells us that the good guys DO die. Have a look at those social reformers and “freedom” fighters who have perished at the hands of the despots, state or otherwise. Only in story books does right always prevail and power is benevolent. All the more reason to raise the awareness of all the people and not to rely on those heroic individuals.

  2. Then again, sometimes despots perish at the hands of the people. Yes, it’s the people, not just a sole heroic person, who make the changes.

  3. State when despots have perished and not been replaced by similar despots? It is the state system that has to be demolished and replaced with societies that are based on communities working in federation with all other communities. Representative democracy has never work for the good of the people as a whole, it always favours the powerful groups, across the world we can see where the state system has lead us and if not demolished, where it will lead us. Appealing to “leaders”/”representatives” already embedded in a corrupt system will only produce more of the same, the system can’t be reformed, it has to be replaced, there is no such thing as compassionate democratic capitalism.

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