Republicans split on torture

The chameleon, Colin Powell, is now opposing the Grand Inquisitor plans of Bush to allow more torture and have those doing it be exempt from prosecution. While it’s always nice to see serious schisms emerge among Republicans, Powell has always reminded me of the Dylan lyric “You just want to be on the side that’s winning.”

This is the same Colin Powell who covered up the My Lai atrocities and torture during the Vietnam War, and who indeed, always manages to emerge from the shadows to back whatever faction seems ascendant at the moment. That he is opposing torture is of course good. That Congress is actually debating whether to allow more of it simply demonstrates the degeneracy and moral emptiness of those involved.

Besides, Powell isn’t opposed to torture per se. As the article explains, he just thinks it makes the US look bad.


  1. Still, Powell (who has a lot of support, right? Or was I dreaming that?) opposing torture because it’s bad for the US’s image is still better than him not opposing it at all, right? You have to take what you can.

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