Dastardly Disney and Holy Joe

Is a right-wing propaganda movie from Disney that deliberately distorts the facts about 9/11 really the most important news event? To be sure, it’s a noxious attempt to slime Clinton and Democrats. But should anyone be in the least surprised that the Right would try something like this?

Apparently it is to the liberal blogosphere. As with the Joe Lieberman story, they are covering this non-stop, apparently horrified that such treachery and sliminess exists.

Of course, this kind of thing needs to be opposed, and opposed hard. That’s not my point. Rather, it’s that the liberal blogosphere never seems to connect the dots. Events like this don’t happen in a vacuum. A Democratic senator buddies up with the Right to protect his seat. Given that multitudes of Democrats have voted with the Republicans on way too many issues, this is a surprise?

Ditto for a media conglomerate, known for tilting rightwards, that continues to do so. A tiny ruling class has fattened itself nicely during the Bush years. Dubya’s hold on power is now tenuous, and this makes them nervous. The populace is increasingly mistrustful of them, and this rightfully causes them more concern.

So don’t be surprised when they lie and slime whoever they can in an attempt to maintain power. Fight them. yes. But don’t be so preoccupied by each individual fight that you don’t see the bigger picture.