Weasel words from the Torturer-in-chief

Bush admits CIA had secret prisons

But he says no one was tortured. As always, one needs to cut through the fog of neocon lies and evasions to get to the truth. First off, Bush says the hideous treatment of detainees at Guantanamo isn’t torture because he defines torture as something only evildoers do. As with Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland, words only mean what he wants them to mean. Until he changes the meaning, of course. Without letting anyone know. Some might call this delusional.

Also, and even more brutally, torture has absolutely happened at prisons the CIA has shipped people to. In Uzbekistan, immersion in boiling water in a favored method. The Bush spin is obvious. Golly, they weren’t “CIA prisons”, now were they?

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  1. If no-one was tortured, why did Bush make such a deal over the signing statements added to the McCain bill? Why did Gonzales refer to the Geneva Conventions as ‘quaint’? Why are they even now trying to put bills through Congress that would redefine the meaning of war crimes? Just askin’.

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