20,000 spam comments

Sometime today, this blog will pass the 20,000 mark for spam comments that Askimet has blocked. Akismet is a free add-on for WordPress that blocks the flood of spam comments so you never see them.

It traps them, so the blogger can review them if needed, looking for false positives (they practically never happen.) But sometimes I scan them. Pages and pages of spam comments for porn sites (big surprise, huh?), cheap mortgages (yah, I’d re-fi from a spam comment, wouldn’t you?), make your manhood enormous (are there actually men dumb enough to respond to such spam?), prescription drugs (sure they are), and lots of get rich quick schemes.

No Nigeria scams so far (shhh, don’t tell them.) However, I’m guessing that clicking on the links in the spam will instantly infest a Windows computer with spyware.

Thank you, Akismet!

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  1. I don’t know what’s different about Haloscan, but I get none of these. Zero. Unless Haloscan has it’s own blocking that I don’t know about.

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