Emanations from planet Rumsfeld

Ah, if you opposes their endless wars for dominance and oil, then you are somehow appeasing fascism, according to Donald Rumsfeld, whose grasp on reality appears ever more fleeting indeed.

Except, there is no definable opposition in Iraq. It’s amorphous, ever-shifting, yet clearly opposed to the US being there. Sounds mostly like folks who want the US out of their country. You would too if you lived there. The invasion of Iraq itself was based on lies, Saddam had no WMD and had nothing to do with 9/11.

But yes, the more countries the US invades, the more enemies it makes. Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Rumsfeld has presided over invading all of them, and all have been huge military and strategic blunders for the US.

He will no doubt go down as the most incompetent Secretary of Defense in history. Over 60% of the US public now oppose the war in Iraq, is he actually saying they are fascist-appeasers? Apparently. He lives on a different planet, or maybe is so delusional he’s finally comes to believe his own lies.

Then there’s his ever-more repressive actions, the shredding of constitutional rights at home, imprisoning people without trials and shipping them to other countries to be tortured, spying on citizens for no reason, and a host of other ugly, freedom-hating practices. While not a fascist, he sure seems like a wanna-be to me.


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