Protest Lite

Kerry just called Lieberman the new Cheney. Tough words, I suppose, and Republicans certainly have wasted no time cozying up to Holy Joe. All this is because of the supposed “anti-war” candidate, Ned Lamont, who is so ferociously anti-war that his position on the Lebanon war is the same as Lieberman’s. Wow, sign me up for his anti-war crusade.

And what are we hearing from Kerry and other supposedly progressive Democrats about the Lebanon invasion and neocon plans to attack Iran? Crickets. Lots of them. But no protest. Just like during the build-up to the Iraq war, Democrats were complicit every step of the way.

Now that polls show 61% of the public opposes the Iraq war, Beltway Democrats are pretending they are anti-war too. But they aren’t. They just want to hoover up votes in November by pretending to be with the populace. If they genuinely opposed the war, they’d be launching filibusters to block funding for the war, they be giving angry speeches from the floors of Congress. Yet all we get from Democrats are those damned crickets again.

But then, that’s always been one of the historical roles of the Democratic Party, to siphon off genuine protest and render it meaningless. Sure, if the Democrats take one or both Houses in the fall it’ll be a major victory for the left and the probable end of the dementia of the neocons. Just don’t expect any of the wars to end or even lessen – until the people force them to end, that is.