A CEO who gets it

Polizeros is hosted at BlueHost, and they’ve had some problems the past few months. Most everything that could have gone wrong did. To their huge credit, they worked quickly to solve the problems and indeed, Polizeros is loading quicker now.

BlueHost CEO Matt Heaton recently blogged about this, detailing the Linux, power, firewall, and router malfunctions that resulted in a bouncy past couple of months. More importantly he 1) apologized and didn’t blame anyone else, only himself and 2) detailed precisely how they are fixing the problems. Indeed, most of the fixes have already been completed.

The fixes were, in approximate ascending order of importance, a) replacing a flaky version of Linux, b) installing backup power generators for all servers (they got clobbered twice by lengthy blackouts during the heat wave and the UPS didn’t last long enough), 3) replacing a malfunctioning firewall, and 4) adding a powerful new router.

Heaton’s post is not only an excellent example of how blogging can help a business communicate, it also shows BlueHost gets it. No evasion, rather they simply admitted things got screwed up then explained how they’ve fixed them.