Lebanese resistance repelled U.S.-Israel

Hezbollah has won this phase of the regional battle against U.S.-Israeli aggression. But overall struggle is far from over. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has already said that Israel will continue to pursue Hezbollah’s leaders and will maintain a naval blockade on Lebanese ports. Under international law, a naval blockade is an act of war. This bellicose stance underlines Israel’s desire to push forward their attempts to remake the Middle East in a way suitable to it and Washington.

Iran is their real target. According to Seymour Hersh, Lebanon was supposed to be a trial run for invading Iran. But that pesky Hezbollah went and messed up their plans instead, something that will no doubt make the neocons want to invade even more. They’ve been losing at everything lately so rather than learn from their mistakes, something they appear incapable of doing, they will probably escalate instead. Let’s keep organizing. They are falling.

PS terrorist plot revealed. (Tip – John Robb’s weblog)

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