AngryArab: Nasrallah interview fake

The AngryArab says the CounterPunch interview with Nasrallah, which they may have gotten from the MarxMail list, is fake.

This “interview” with Nasrallah that is posted on Counterpunch is fake. I declare it to be a hoax, OK? I mean, it is so obvious. The guy does not sound like Nasrallah from the first sentence. Wait. It is possible that this is Hasan Dib Nasrallah, the Lebanese grocer kidnapped by Israel in a “daring commando raid?”

From the comments to the post:

The interview text comes across more like a rant from the local communist bookstore owner in a Northern California town than statements from a Shi’ite Lebanese guerrilla leader and Islamic fundamentalist.

His statements did not make reference to “God willing” or the Islamic faith in general, I think, once. His statements were all secular and devoid of religious invocations, which, I suspect, would be very unusual for him.

Lastly, the text of his supposed statements also makes reference to “Israel”, not “Occupied Palestine” or similar.

I’m scarcely in a position to judge, but the lack of “God willing” does seem odd.


  1. Maybe yes, maybe no. The Angry Arab, while an amusing and generally informative read, is hardly the definitive word on this subject. He makes similar pronouncements about a lot of things.

  2. : “The matter has been settled. Today, Hizbullah issued an official statement in which it categorically denied the “Turkish” interview with Nasrallah that was posted on Counterpunch. The official statement is printed below. The Anatolian News agency has issued a similar report in English of the denial (thanks to Assaad and Gabriele).” :
    “Just got this update from a friend in Turkey:
    Here is a summary of a report just made by the Anatolian News Agency:
    Hussain Rahhal, Hezbullah’s responsible for press has issued a written statement saying that no such interview was made. He said: “Our secretary general Nasrallah has not made any interviews with any Turkish or other non-Lebanese journalist during the month of August. In front of this imaginary interview that is untruthful, and hence does damage to journalism, credibality and objectivity, Hezbollah reserves its right to take legal action against those who have published it.”

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