Feeling dazed and confused?

These are insane, turbulent times. The neocons continue to want ever more wars even as their previous wars turn against them. Religious fundamentalists in the White House condemn religious fundamentalists in Iraq. Terror alerts scare the populace silly, as the right wing says we need less rights and more repression, and this will make us free. The litany of madness seems unending, doesn’t it?

Yet, things ARE changing. Public opinion has shifted firmly against the neocon agenda. The Dems may well pick up both houses (assuming they don’t blow it, always a possibility.) While the Democrats won’t be much improvement, this would still be a major victory for the left, as the extremist right-wing agenda of the neocon will then become history.

The Lamont victory was significant. Anti-war sentiment is growing fast, even if he is no different from Lieberman on Lebanon. The populace is ahead of the politicians on this, a promising sign indeed. Once the electorate realizes the Democrats are just the kinder, gentler arm of the same imperialism that created all these wars, then genuine radicalism may well occur.

There were considerable numbers of Muslims, Arabs, and those of Middle Eastern ancestry at the marches on Saturday. While in the past there might have been apprehension from these communities about being at a demo, they turned out in large numbers indeed to protest.

That’s what we all need to do. Turn out in large numbers. Protest. Organize. The pendulum is swinging our way. Let’s take advantage of it.

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  1. I agree, the tide is turning. The long arc that started with the rise of Reagan is descending.

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