Aug. 12 protest in support of people of Lebanon and Palestine

Thousands marched in Los Angeles and San Francisco and tens of thousands in Washington D.C. (Ignore the loony wire report saying 200 in L.A.) The L.A. marchers were predominantly Arab and Muslim, and I got some good video footage (especially considering this was my first time out with my new camcorder.)

The Phillistines. Palestinian hip hop! Members are Palestinian, Filipino, and American. Check it out.

More YouTube videos

Yael Korin. Women in Black. She is Jewish, born in Israel, and a long-time activist working to end the occupation of Palestine.

Jim Laffery of the National Lawyers Guild. “When will the Palestinian and Lebanese people be able to say ‘never again’.”

Ahmad AzamMuslim American Sociey Freedom Foundation. “After 30 days The UN spoke out clearly and said we should stop the the war in Lebanon after they destroyed the infrastructure of Lebanon.”

Nader Abuljebain from the National Council of Arab Americans. “These [genocidal] campaigns are only possible when the lives of Arabs and Muslims are deemed to have no moral equivalance to the lives of Americans and Israelis, in short, these are war crimes.”

Bill Paparian. Green Party candidate for House, CA-29. Armenian activist. He speaks about AIPAC, the Zionist lobby that pretends patriotism yet their lobbyists get indicted for espionage.