Lebanon was strong – until it was bombed

“With this resolution, a new, stronger Lebanon can emerge with the world’s help,” said war criminal Condoleezza Rice.

The sanctimonious hypocrisy of the Bush Administration knows no bounds.

Israel is losing. The myth of the invincible Israeli war machine has been destroyed. A few thousand disciplined guerillas fought them to a standstill, something that changes the entire political calculus of the region.

Condoleezza Rice and the rest of the bloodthirsty neocons wanted that Lebanon war as a prelude to invading Iran. But their poodle, Israel, couldn’t pull it off.

All of which makes them even more dangerous. They will be desperate for some kind of win, any kind of win, as support for Bush and Olmert disintegrates within their respective countries.

All the more reason to get in the streets today for the nationwide protests in support of the people of Lebanon and Palestine. These atrocities should never have happened at all. Let’s make sure they never happen again.

(I’ll be taking my new camcorder, and hope to have videos of the L.A. demo and speakers online by tonight or tomorrow morning.)