U.S.-French resolution demands Lebanon’s surrender

Opens the door to never-ending war,’ says Lebanese government.

The U.S.-French “ceasefire” agreement is in reality a brazen demand that Lebanon and the Lebanese resistance surrender and accept the re-occupation of their country. It attempts to win at the negotiating table what the U.S.-Israel military alliance has been unable to win on the battlefield, despite their overwhelming superiority in weaponry.

The resolution is overwhelmingly biased against Lebanon. Among its noxious provisions.

The Lebanese resistance must halt all military operations, while Israel, which is occupying parts of southern Lebanon is only required to stop “offensive” operations.

Israel does not have to withdraw its troops from Lebanon.

Hezbollah and all resistance organizations must be disarmed. This provision would also disarm the Palestinian security forces that protect the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. The last time the Palestinian camps were unguarded in 1982, the massacres at Sabra and Shatila were carried out in a joint operation by Lebanese fascists and the Israeli army, despite U.S. “guarantees” of protection.

An international arms embargo would be placed on Lebanon. No mention is made of the massive U.S. arming of Israel.

Hezbollah is required to free captured Israeli prisoners unconditionally, but the resolution only “encourages the efforts aimed at settling the issue of the Lebanese prisoners in Israel.” The 9,800 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are not mentioned at all.

An international “peace-keeping” force will be deployed in southern Lebanon. The clear mission of the force would be to suppress the Lebanese resistance. No “peace-keepers” would be deployed on the Israeli side.

Just more neocon/ Zionist attempts at dominating the area, isn’t it? The resolution doesn’t even pretend to be fair and has already been ignored by all the involved parties. So one wonders why the US and France even bothered with this grotesque charade of pretending to want peace.