Israel is losing this war

From those crazed left wing radicals at the Wall Street Journal

This is not to say that it will lose the war, or that the war was unwinnable to start with. But if it keeps going as it is, Israel is headed for the greatest military humiliation in its history. During the Yom Kippur War of 1973, Israelis were stunned by their early reversals against Egypt and Syria, yet they eked out a victory over these two powerfully armed, Soviet-backed adversaries in 20 days. The conflict with Hezbollah–a 15,000-man militia chiefly armed with World War II-era Katyusha rockets–is now in its 21st day. So far, Israel has nothing to show for its efforts: no enemy territory gained, no enemy leaders killed, no abatement in the missile barrage that has sent a million Israelis from their homes and workplaces.

More puzzling was the Israeli cabinet’s decision last week against launching a full-scale ground invasion.

It’s not puzzling at all. A ground war means an unacceptably high death and casualty rate for the Israeli military, something they want to avoid by fighting from the air alone. But the air-alone strategy doesn’t work, as Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq have shown. In all of those, the US said they could win using bombing alone. They were wrong. So is Israel.

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  1. I’m confused by the last sentence of the WSJ. I thought the Israeli cabinet voted FOR a wider war, and they certainly just DID launch a full-scale ground invasion yesterday.

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