Brian Becker on Fox News

Brian Becker, national coordinator for the ANSWER Coalition vs. Ariel Cohen, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, with a laughably biased interviewer from Fox. The subject was the Lebanon invasion.

BECKER: I think both sides have armies. I think both sides have weapons. But the use of the label terrorism is in order to demonize one side and justify any crime committed against the Palestinian and Lebanese people. And in that sense the word terrorism, if you’re going to use the wordâ┚¬Â¦

COHEN: Hezbollah and Hamas are targeting innocent civilians and you know full well they killed children, they killed mothers, they killed grandmother.

BECKER: What do you say about the airstrike yesterday in Qana? What about all those children who were pulled from the rubble yesterday in Qana?

GIBSON: Before I go, Mr. Cohen, thank you very much. Brian Becker, you did notice that Hezbollah was shooting rockets from that building.

BECKER: Every time an Arab shoots back, they’re a terrorist, but Israel can commit any crime.