82nd Airborne to Lebanon?

From John Robb

With no takers on a peace keeping force it will be up to the US to save Israel’s bacon. The 82nd Airborne is on tap to be sent.

However, that won’t work since Hezbollah won’t comply.

As Bill Lind said, this is 1914 all over again. I keep getting the gut feeling that at the end of the day we are going to be at war from the Mediterranean to the Hindu Kush (the Shiite crescent and beyond). If the history of 4GW serves as a guide: we will lose this conflict (and badly).

Things have spun way out of control. Can anyone say draft?

Robb says in the comments an ‘inside source’ tipped him about the draft.

Chis Dickey writing for Newsweek says “The bottom line: Hizbullah is winning.” That’s why Israel is calling up 30,000 more troops and becoming even more thuggishly violent. The unthinkable has happened. A guerilla army has stopped the Israelis while the whole world is watching.

On July 14, American Leftist said in a prescient post the invasion may well be The End of Zionism

Few people recognize it, but, after the fact, it will be obvious to everyone. Zionism is immolating itself in the refugee camps of Gaza and the Shia communities of Lebanon, and no attempt to relegitimize it as a bulwark against Islamic fundamentalism can salvage it. Israel’s military operations in Gaza and Lebanon are rapidly hastening its demise.