Kos: The Lieberman meltdown is over

Netroots, led by DailyKos, has spearheaded a quite successful attack, mostly based on the Iraq war, against the odious Sen. Joe “I Love Neocons” Lieberman. They’ve turned an easy win for Lieberman in the upcoming Aug. 8 primary into a possible loss.

However, their annointed challenger, centi-millionaire Ned Lamont, is tepidly anti-war and as Zionist as Lieberman on Lebanon, an odd candidate for a group claiming to oppose the Iraq war to back. (Netroots and the most of the liberal blogosphere have not yet clearly opposed the Lebanon war when not overtly backing Israel.)

The Democratic establishment has gone out of its way to back Lieberman, violating the accepted rule of not backing anyone in a primary. Netroots, in my estimation, is a bit clueless about politics. They make enemies where they could have made allies, and seem to have no idea how to build a base anywhere but in cyberspace.

Kos noted yesterday that the Lieberman meltdown is over. He clearly expects the Democratic Leadership Council (who just met to decide, among other things, what to do about netroots) to muster all manner of support for Lieberman.

Netroots clings to the bizarre hope they can take over the Democratic Party, a pipe dream at best. If Lieberman wins, netroots will take a serious hit. And that’s precisely what the DLC wants.

There’s less than two weeks to the primary. Expect the DLC to roll out some big guns soon.

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