Lebanon war

The beginnings

Pentagon planned invasion of Lebanon in 2001

The Pentagon was planning an invasion of Lebanon as far back as 2001 according to General Wesley Clark. Not only that, but the Bush administration also has plans to invade six other countries after Iraq: Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan.

A voluntary ‘putsch’

In the history of the relationship between the political and military leaderships of Israel, the government has never made such a significant decision so quickly, operating in crisis mode just a few hours after the kidnapping of the soldiers. Under these circumstances, the military contingency plan was the main plan presented to the ministers, if not the only one.

Gosh, a war planned by the Pentagon, then rammed through full-speed by the Israeli military. How cozy.

The aftermath

Israel bogs down in a classic conventional war…

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The Middle East: What happens next?

Option 1: Israel withdraws unilaterally
Option 2: Diplomatic settlement
Option 3: Israel snared in counter-insurgency
Option 4: Lebanese government falls
Option 5: Israel invades Lebanon

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  1. Option 7: All of the above?

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