Israel gags the media

As the dual Israeli invasions of Lebanon and Palestine continue unabated, local and international journalists covering the conflict have been affected by orders from the Israeli military censor’s office not to report successful hits by Hezbollah into Israel

This includes major media like AP and CNN too. They are now forbidden from reporting what’s happening there because if they do, Israel will throw them out of the country. Or jail them. Truly, Israel is a beacon of democracy and freedom. Yeah, right… When they’re not deliberately shooting missiles at ambulances, that is.

No matter, cell phone cameras, video, and the Net will get the truth out. “The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.”

Here’s an example.

Dave Riley at Life of Riley in Australia has posted podcasts, videos, multimedia, links, and much more about this Zionist invasion of Lebanon. This is a worthwhile and growing resource. Check it out.