Red Cross: Israel attacking ambulances

The Red Cross in Tyre said that five of its volunteers and three patients were wounded when Israeli aircraft attacked two ambulances on Sunday night. The attack took place near Qana when an ambulance from Tyre arrived to evacuate three patients from the border town of Tibnin.

The drivers said that two guided missiles were fired at each ambulance.

Ambulances are well-marked. How could this not be deliberate?


  1. Hey, aren’t they always bragging about how well they can see these days? How they can differentiate between targets and civilians at astounding distances?

  2. Is Israel taking this too far?…

    I listen to Fox News radio all day, and all I’ve been hearing on the Israel vs. Lebanon war is that Israel has been just bombing random targets such as refuge homes. The last one I heard of was Israel bombed a refuge home which killed 60 people, most …

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