Lebanon and the delusions of press and public

Saudis ask Bush to intervene in Mideast

Um, Bush already did intervene. He sent Israel more bombs and weaponry, remember?

What is it with the bizarro US media slant that the US is an innocent bystander in the invasion of Lebanon?

Israel would not have been created and Palestinians would not have been forced off their land at gunpoint without the direct help of the US. Israel receives more “foreign aid” (translation: guns and weapons) than any other country even though their per capita iincome equals that of Europe. It’s not like they need the money.

The Israeli tail does not wag the US dog. The invasion of Lebanon was done with the complete complicity of the US. The neocon agenda dovetails neatly with Zionism, the Bushies being an extreme example of an US policy that has continued unaltered for decades. US military and weaponry backs Israel so it can be the US proxy in the Middle East. That Zionism is inherently racist matters not to the US planners. But thinking that Israel is somehow going it alone in Lebanon is delusion.

Yet this delusion, deliberate or otherwise, can be found on the (pretend) left. Yesterday, Ian Masters on KPFK, a Pacifica station, actually said the US was a pitiful, helpless giant watching the Lebanon invasion happen. According to Masters, that bad ole Hezbollah and crazy Israel were duking it out while the poor little ole US of A just could not figure out what to do. Nonsense, the US is arming Israel, sending in weapons as fast as possible, blocking other countries from calling for a cease-fire, giving the ok for a week of bombings, all while making loud and bellicose noises, threatening other countries.
All of which is hardly the actions of a helpless giant but more like the actions of a co-conspirator. It’s going to blow up in their faces. Vietnam did. Afghanistan and Iraq are doing the same. Now they want to create more wars, and de-stabilize the entire Middle East in a desperate attempt to finally win a victory. Thousands of innocents will die because of their bloodthirstiness.

And they will lose.