Blogging from a hotel

The extreme heat blew out transformers all over the San Fernando Valley Friday at 5:45 pm. The power company said it’s a Level 2 which means at least ten hours until it’s fixed and that the outages are directly attributable to the heat.

So, we’re blogging from a nearby hotel. When Sue called to make the reservation, she asked, do you have power and do you have in-room wireless? They did, so here we are, fully aware that those who can’t afford hotels will swelter tonight in the dark.

A few days ago, Polizeros was down twice because of power outages in Utah where the server is. Now the outages are here.

Temperatures today and Sunday will be even higher, well above 100, which certainly means there could be more outages.

Oh yes, all the computers, cable modem, and router are unplugged at home and the a/c is off. Don’t want power spikes frying the equipment when the power comes back on.

Written 10 pm, Friday night. By the time this is posted, let’s hope the power is back on. (Update: Sat. 8:12 am, the power came back at 9 pm in our area according to our next door neighbor. However, today will be 106 or so and power isn’t back yet in all areas…)

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