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Open Lebanon
Real-time news and blogs. Lots of links to breaking news here.

Lebanon Live

I keep reading about Hizbullahs “long range rockets capable of reaching Tel Aviv” and I think to myself. What about the missiles and jets that are capable to hit every god damn fucking place in Lebanon, Syria, and god knows where else? Shouldn’t we take those bad toys from Israel as well?

Collaborative blog. Trying to organize grassroots support for a ceasefire. Links to many other blogs.

Cedars Awakening

Those who think that this war is against Hezbollah should check the facts twice. I would support a war against Hezbollah, but according to Naharnet on more than 150 attacks, only 10 directly targeted Hezbollah. I can support a war against Hezbollah, but not against my country.

Beirut Spring
Quite amazing on the streets coverage.

From Beirut to the Beltway
‘Blogging Lebanon, the USA, and the Middle East.’ From an anonymous Lebanese living in DC.