Israel invades Lebanon

Israel is sending troops into Lebanon. And blowing up civilian apartment buildings. All for two captured soldiers, they claim, and a bogus claim it is. Lebanon and Israel have been capturing each others soldiers for years, yet now Israel is sending fighter jets to blow up civilian homes, a war crime if there ever was one. Why now?

Israel has also occupied parts of Lebanon for years. It’s not about the two soldiers. It’s about the US and Israel working hand in hand for “regime change” in Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

That regime change has been a failure in Afghanistan and Iraq doesn’t register with neocons and Zionists. Hezbollah will emerge from this stronger than ever and Israel will become a pariah nation like the US, bloodthirsty and unreliable. Bush destroyed any post-9/11 sympathy the world had for the US with his insane invasions and contempt for the law. The same will happen to Israel. Any goodwill they have with the world community will vaporize.

The neocons and Zionists delude themselves into to thinking that a superior military means they will win. This wasn’t true in Vietnam, where the US was defeated. Ditto for Iraq and Afghanistan, where the US is also losing.

Israel is not acting alone. This invasion is done with the explicit backing of the US, both financial and military. Bush badly needs a victory. So does Israel. But this savage invasion virtually guarantees them more defeats.

Just like in Vietnam.