LA Times on LAPD

The LA Times has been running excellent, in-depth stories on the chronic problems at LAPD.

L.A. in peril of another Rampart scandal

Despite extensive reform in the seven years since the Rampart Division police corruption scandal, Los Angeles is at risk of similar crises unless the LAPD is significantly expanded and trades its “warrior policing” model for a more community- friendly problem-solving style, a city task force warned today.

LAPD ‘Warrior Cops’

Colorfully dubbed “warrior cops,” an evolving clique of aggressive LAPD officers who rely on force and intimidation has resisted 40 years of attempts to manage crime in the city differently.

LAPD: Back From Scandal

Until the city ends the chronic anorexia of “thin blue line” policing â┚¬â€ the safety-on-the-cheap model that delivers efficient public safety for neighborhoods on the right side of that line and what’s come to be called “containment-suppression” for neighborhoods that are not â┚¬â€ citywide public safety will not happen.