The Republocrats blindly defend Israel

Or are they called the Demoblicans? No matter, they walk in lockstep on Israel, not even questioning the insanity of Israel bombing suburbs in Lebanon because two soldiers were captured.

Not even Russ Feingold

The Democrats, every bit as much as the Republicans, are the party of imperialism. They may at times advocate different tactics, or even different strategies, but their goals are for all intents and purposes identical.

Those in the DC Beltway apparently want a conflagration in the Middle East. Not one of them to my knowledge has murmured even the slighest of protests. Most of liberal blogdom is studiously ignoring it too, with a notable exception being The Huffington Post.

The Bushies pretend US options are limited yet US foreign policy is what is driving it. Israel would not and could not be doing this without US permission, money, and weaponry. Israel is the biggest beneficiary of US foreign aid, you knew that, right?

The Geneva Conventions and other treaties absolutely prohibit responses that target civilians or collectively punish civilians who had no part in an attack.

Yet not a single member of Congress or ranking member of either party sees fit to bring this up.

Their real target of course is Iran.

Iran blamed as Lebanon battle broadens.

This has echoes of the making-shit-up lies of the Bushies for invading Iraq, doesn’t it? They are already losing two wars yet now want to start several more?