Mideast crisis

My take, this has all been quite deliberate. Iran and Syria are the real targets. Some say, why isn’t the US doing anything to stop Israel, but that misses the point entirely. The Israeli tail does not wag the US dog. Israel would not exist with the support of the US.

That all this may end in a Middle East conflagration appears not to even dent the skulls of the war pigs (thanks, Ozzy) in DC and Tel Aviv.

Israel bombs, blockades Lebanon

Will it become a three- or four-front war?

There is strong likelihood that Israeli ground forces will invade and re-occupy southern Lebanon.

The possibility that Israel will also attack Syria is being openly discussed. The U.S. and Israeli governments are issuing statements blaming Iran and Syriaâ┚¬â€both targeted by Washington for regime changeâ┚¬â€for the unfolding crisis.

But the fundamental causes of the unfolding war are indisputably clear: imperialist war and colonial occupation. The United States government is seeking hegemonic domination over the entire region

The Sun: “The War with Iran has begun

Ahmadinejad: “Fierce Response” if Israel Attacks Syria.

The End of Zionism

Few people recognize it, but, after the fact, it will be obvious to everyone. Zionism is immolating itself in the refugee camps of Gaza and the Shia communities of Lebanon, and no attempt to relegitimize it as a bulwark against Islamic fundamentalism can salvage it. Israel’s military operations in Gaza and Lebanon are rapidly hastening its demise.

Israel can do no wrong

The way in which Zionist apologia works is interesting: whatever Israel does, the other guys started it, and at any rate since they don’t care about human life they deserve it.

The objectives of the new U.S.-Israeli assault.