DailyKos traffic is noticeably down

My take, they peaked late last year and are on their way to becoming just another blog. Here’s the chart.

The Mystery Pollster details the complexities of the Lieberman race and trying to poll it. However it appears Lieberman is still ahead, and even if he loses the primary and runs as an independent, will be re-elected.

This race is one the KOSsacks have put huge emphasis on, they need a win to show their netroots has actual traction, else the vultures are waiting.

Me, I think netroots bungee-jumps into races they know little about, then compounds their errors by doing little if anything to build an organization on the ground, a ‘strategy’ doomed to failure.


  1. are on their way to becoming just another blog

    Sure, at about the pace that U.S. troops are being withdrawn from Iraq. At the current rate of decline at Kos, they’ll be down to my level of traffic in the year 3575 (give or take). 😉

  2. The real problem with Kos is exemplified today; with the Middle East going up in flames (literally), go there and the big concerns are Joe Wilson and Joe Lieberman. If it weren’t for the diaries (like mine), real-world events would barely intrude.

  3. After that “let no real world events intrude on our Vegas Democrat pimpfest,”
    is it any surprise that the Daily OZ is in decline?

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