LA Press conference to denounce LAPD brutality

LAPD clubs peaceful immigrant rights protestors in Hollywood
Plus: call for video, photos & witnesses

This Tuesday, July 11, 10 am
National Lawyers Guild Office at the Peace Center
8124 W Third St, Los Angeles (Corner of Crescent Heights and Third)

ANSWER LA and the National Lawyers Guild are planning to file a lawsuit against LAPD for their despicable actions, beating passers-by, continuing to club people who were lying on the sidewalk (after being beaten for no reason.) I’ve watched multiple videos of what happened. This was unprovoked brutality from the thugs of LAPD. But then, this is the same violent police force that beat Rodney King.

From the ANSWER LA homepage

Shocking video footage will also be shown of anti-Minutemen protestors being brutally beaten by LAPD officers without provocation. The video shows a deliberate, violent attack on peaceful protestors exercising their First Amendment rights. Please come to the press conference to show solidarity with the immigrant rights movement and people who were brutalized by the police attack. Take a stand for civil rights and free speech.

ANSWER is also putting out a call to all progressive people who attended Saturday’s anti-Minutemen protest for video footage, photos and eyewitness reports of police brutality.

From the ANSWER LA eyewitness account

After nearly two hours of peaceful protest, dozens of LAPD police in full riot gear instigated a wave of unprovoked violence on the progressive crowd. They pushed protestors, jabbed them with batons and wrestled several people to the ground while beating them brutally without any cause or concern. Several ANSWER activists were brutalized and one was arrested because his friend was attempting to take photographs of riot police slamming a bystander against the back of a truck and hitting him with a baton. Top police brass later tried to justify their violence by saying protestors provoked the beatings by “crossing police lines” – an outright lie.

A Spanish-language media reporter from KPFK radio was shoved to the pavement, smacked hard and arrested for attempting to document the repression. The cops were attacking so wildly that even an elderly woman getting of a Metro bus was clubbed for being too close to the protest.

As I mentioned yesterday, LAPD does nothing to stop counter-protestors from entering ANSWER LA anti-war marches, and LAPD sure lets them walk on the sidewalks and follow the march. Yet they blocked the sidewalks so we couldn’t follow the Minutemen march. (We went down another street instead!) Clearly, LAPD has a double set of standards. But then they’re notorious for being ultra-right wing, racist, and violent.

The police arrested around six people without cause while the fascist Minutemen chanted “L-A-P-D,” cheering them on. It was a naked display of police and fascist collaboration. The outraged anti-immigrant crowd stood their ground and defended their demonstration while chanting “Cops and the Klan go hand in hand!”

The National Lawyers Guild has successfully sued LAPD a number of times. This time will be no different.

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  1. […] The National Lawyers Guild and ANSWER LA announced today they will file numerous lawsuits and complaints against LAPD for their brutal behavior at the anti-Minutemen protest Saturday, clubbing people, even after they were prone on the sidewalk motionless. (See the two videos following this post.) Several TV news reporters were at the press conference, and there were gasps from the audience when the video was shown. […]

  2. […] As mentioned, the press conference is today, 10 am. ANSWER LA and the National Lawyers Guild will be filing suit against LAPD for police misconduct (beating people who were lying on the ground) at the Saturday counter-protest against the Minutemen. […]

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