Lots of ‘uncounted’ votes in Mexico

2.58 million official uncounted votes

Mexico’s Federal Electoral Institute said 2.58 million votes weren’t included in the preliminary tally of the nation’s presidential election because of inconsistencies.

3.5 mln votes not counted: Mexico’s left-wing party

More than 3.5 million votes, from some 13,000 polling stations boxes, were ignored by the first count which gave conservative candidate Felipe Calderon the lead in Mexico’s elections, a left-wing party told media on Tuesday.

Obrador may call election protests

As well he should. Question: are the uncounted votes from areas where Obrador was expected to do well? Anyone know?

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  1. This was posted in a comment on Daily Kos last night:

    In Mexico, the lead is cut to 0.6% after revision (6+ / 0-) and this is not the recount yet.

    This all happened after Lopez Obrador, the candidate in 2nd place according to preliminary results so far, said that 3,000,000 votes were not counted.

    Now the electoral board said oops, it’s true.
    Their number is around 2.5 million and of these, a significant amount of votes went to Obrador.

    The election board seems to not want to do the recount.

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