Why RSS is so powerful

Check out the new widget on the left column, the scrolling list of blog names titled (not surprisingly) ‘Politics in the Zeros.’

If the blog name is preceded by the orange rss feed symbol then it’s linked to the rss feed. If it’s preceded by a blue dot then it’s just linked to the blog (which means either the blog doesn’t have an rss feed or I couldn’t find it.)

This is not just a geeky difference, the rss functionality is hugely more useful to you the web surfer. Here’s why.

Click a blog with a blue dot. You get another browser with the blog in it. Yawn.

Now click a blog with the orange rss symbol. You get a list of the most recent posts on that blog. Click any post to read it in its entirety. Click the little arrows on the left side to return. Nice, isn’t it?

This widget was created using Grazr. It uses OPML to access the RSS. OPML also supports collapsible lists, thus, this blog list can be easily be separated into categories, something I’ll be doing soon. (Note: Grazr will not write the OPML list of blogs for you, you’ll need to do that yourself.)

Is OPML and RSS geeky? Yes. However it’s also way powerful and useful.

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