Mexican officials say election too close to call

Mexico’s presidential vote was too close to call through a quick count of ballots, underscoring a divide within the country over whether to spend more to help the poor or stick with economic policies that favor business.

Full results won’t be known until Wednesday, with the real possibility the leftist candidate Opador Obrador might win.


  1. I’ve just been hearing that the Bush administration has been interfering in the Mexican election using ChoicePoint Inc. to do the same tricks that ocurred in Florida and Ohio. Truthout has this report from Greg Palast. Does anyone have any more info and is the US media covering it?

  2. The media isn’t covering in. Based on Palast’s report, I see smoke but no real fire. Not that they woun’t try to steal it, just that his report has no smoking gun proving it.

    I find too much of Palast’s recent stuff like that too…

  3. Thanks,

    I tend to agree about Palast. I got concerned when Sky News (affiliated with Fox) covered the story over here, which struck me as unusual.

  4. Daniel Rivera-Franqui

    I want to get something clear out here: It’s Andres Manuel Lopez *Obrador*, not Opador 🙂 Actually, besides Obrador being his last name, it also means “worker” in Spanish.

    Univision is giving the opposition the lead, they’ve always seemed anti-Chavez and anti-Morales to me so this comes as no surprise. Are they tring to pull another “Fox News circa 2000”?

    But for the record, Univision is NOT as bad as the FNC.

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