Gnomedex. Blake Ross of Firefox

the secret Firefox project plansBlake reveals the secret Firefox project goals, Firefox being the free Mozilla-based browser that has been downloaded over 200 million times. It’s better, faster, more secure than IE, plus there are hundreds of add-ons. Get it.

He spoke about how they built the buzz for it by using SpreadFireFox, and with focused campaigns on campuses, etc.

Steve Gillmor and Dave Winer beamed in from Arcturus, accusing FireFox of being Microsoft-like. Sometimes these two, who seemingly delight in being grumpy old men, have quite valid criticisms. This was not one of those times.

Brian Livingston brought it back to earth, congratulating Firefox on creating an amazing browser, hoping maybe they could create an OS too. This would force Microsoft to improve Windows, and not do things like install spyware in it, like they just got caught doing with Windows Genuine Advantage.

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