Gnomedex. Marc Cantor

Cantor’s new project, just launched, is the PeopleAggregator. It’s social networking that is open source, not locked in. You want to move your data elsewhere, fine. You want to import from other social networking sites, do it. I read somewhere he said he’s doing this as penance for creating Flash, which is a closed format.
From his BroadbandMechanics site

Centralized social networks continue the notion of data silos, locking up end-users into a proprietary walled garden. The PeopleAggregator is a social network web service that will be used to inter-connect the world’s social networks â┚¬â€œ together. We can only do that by opening up and giving away our APIs and techniques for doing so. So instead of a single social network with 10,000,000 people â┚¬â€œ we see 10M social networks â┚¬â€œ with 25-150 people in them. This vision of distributed, meshed universe of networks is what PeopleAggregator is all about.

He’s doing this with his own money, no VC’s. They will host your site or you can download the software and create your own networks. You can also write apps using their open API. It’s free to everyone except commercial interests. This could be hugely powerful.