Chris Douridas charged with felony drug possession

KCRW-FM’s Chris Douridas was arrested in January near a Santa Monica bar on suspicion of drugging and trying to kidnap a teen.

However, after a five month investigation, Douridas, who hosts a popular trend-setting radio show in L.A., was charged with felony cocaine possession.

“Based on a thorough investigation, we felt that the only charge that could be proved beyond a reasonable doubt was possession of cocaine,” said Eva Jabber, a deputy Los Angeles County district attorney with the sex crimes division.

He was arrested in Florida for drugs in 1999, something that could have a serious impact on the case, depending on whether or not that counts as a first strike under California’s draconian Three Strikes Law. Anyone know?

Update: It does NOT count as a strike, and depending on Florida case, Douridas would probably be eligible for diversion or a drug treatment program. Which is what should happen to someone with a presumed drug problem caught possessing a small amount.