More on Jerome Armstrong and astrology

Continuing from the previous post, the lively comments got me searching more.

Could it be a right-wing trick, is the Wikipedia entry faked, as well as the post (just one post in a site with hundreds of page by an apparently well-known astrologer), as well as the other ancedotal evidence?

So I poked around more, and found this astrology link referencing Armstrong. I suppose it could be faked, but it looks like an old entry that hasn’t been updated in ages. The url is dead of course, that’s because astroworld is no longer on mydd servers.

Jerome Armstrong, astrology entry

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  1. Or never was valid. Have you Googled the link? Doesn’t it strike you as odd that if it were valid there’s no reference to it anywhere? No cached pages? “Chiron Rising” mentioned in the link appears to be something completely different than an astrological cite. QUITE different, and contextually would raise in my mind the suspicions of a plant. OTOH, it’s hard to get a date on the file.

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