Jerome Armstrong and astrology, yet more

Update: 6/26. Armstrong has posted on MyDD saying, yeah, I used to be an astrologer.

To continue on the three posts below the cartoon, Joe Hartley asks, why isn’t cached in Google? A good enough question, except that a webmaster can request that Google remove a site from the index. In which case, maybe it’ll be in Yahoo, right?

And it is. (You may have to search for ‘’, depending on where it is on the page)

A server log from liberaloasis lists

Two chat room links ask, what happened to

But, ta dum, here’s a post about astrology on in Jan. 2003 by Jerome Armstrong himself, mentioning So, ok folks, he’s an astrologer, deal with it.
Jerome Armstrong astrology post


  1. Once again, nothing but statements on a web site. No digital signature; no indication that this is necessarily the same person. As you suggested, I checked through the yahoo search engine. Lots of links that went to legit articles on the website of Most interesting, however, was the first listing from astroworld:

    This has come through but when I press
    on the different names at the bottom
    of the left hand column, nothing comes
    up expect “can’t get page”
    Posted by: Jack Armstrong at April 5, 2003 08:47 AM

    I have been having trouble with this web page for over a week. I used to be able to reach it by, which was the link I had in my Favorites site. I finally got through by trying many different iterations. I notice that not only are the links on the left dead, but several articles that had been posted are gone.
    Posted by: saw at April 5, 2003 02:38 PM

    Whoohoo it’s back! I found the new link off of higherlevelastrology I’ll fix mine and let some other folks know.
    Posted by: Morgana at April 8, 2003 06:27 PM

    THe new site will actually be at

    we are working on it!

    Now, maybe there was really an, and maybe there wasn’t. certainly exists, but is run from Denver, Colorado, there’s no obvious ties to Armstrong. Possible explanations: a plant, a temporary loan to a friend.

    What doesn’t ring true to me is that I’ve never known heavy-duty astrologists to be able to keep it out of their writing. First time for everything, of course, but just because you WANT to believe it about somebody you dislike doesn’t make it true.

    I notice that Mickey Kaus has the same suspicions that I do. Oh, for whatever it’s worth, a lot of the citations to Armstrong seem to be based on Russian archives.

    As for this posting, nothing I saw on the cite suggestion that I couldn’t sign in as Bob Morris and leave something with in the message, just as the earlier post you had from the German astrology web page did.

    Anyway, it’s been an interesting reminder of how everything on the web should be taken with a grain of salt!

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