Even more on Jerome Armstrong and astrology

From the Press-Enterprise, an Riverside CA newspaper, quoting a article from the Providence Journal (RI), dated 11/05/2002

MyDD, a liberal political blog that’s heavy on polls and polling, doesn’t link its affiliated Astroworld political astrology index from the homepage, but this offers its own sorts of odds.

That’s what Astrologer Jerome Armstrong says we’ll see today, a surprise that’s been brewing below the radar: that women voters will pour out to the polls today, while men will be inclined to stay home, for reasons only an astrologer might understand (so I’ve edited them out here)

Unlike some of the other links, this one links directly to astroworld.mydd.com (a dead link, as mentioned, as astroworld is no longer there.) Thus, I think it’s increasingly clear Armstrong is an astrologer, and not the victim of right wing deception.


  1. This isn’t an article; it’s a blog linking to another blog.

  2. Say what? The PE.com article is from a newspaper, not a blog.

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