Chris Douridas update

In January, Chris Douridas, popular DJ of trend-setting public radio station KCRW in Santa Monica, CA was arrested on suspiction of kidnapping and drugging an underage teenage girl. The girl was in a bar. He says he saw she was ill and was trying to help, and he as yet has not been charged. For police to take this long to file charges or drop the case is unusual indeed.

June 9, Santa Monica Daily Press

County prosecutors are expected to decide this week whether to file charges against a popular radio show host accused of drugging a teenager at a local bar.

In a ghastly tragedy, Douridas recently lost his 14 year old daughter Marieke, a talented actress.

On Saturday, April 29th Marieke had just acted in the closing performance of “GREASE” at her high school. She was on an emotional high and went upstairs to take a bath. She had a grand mal epileptic seizure and drowned in the tub. She was only 14 years old.

You may make contributions to the Marieke Laura Douridas Foundation.