Complete lunacy

U.S. weighs shootdown of N. Korea missile

North Korea might launch a missile that many South Korea newspapers say might well be a satellite yet the US responds hysterically by saying they might shoot it down.

Can North Korea save the day and change the subject for the Bush administration?

North Korea, starved for attention and with its own fish to fry domestically and in its own region, may or may not be preparing some rocket for launch, and it may or may not be attempting to use its missile as a bargaining chip or a PR stunt, and it may just be attempting to put its own satellite into space. What should crystal clear though in a world of risks and balances is that North Korea’s missile, even if it exists, is hardly a threat to us.

North Korea is a sovereign country. They have the complete right to launch missiles in their own country. The US does it all the time. Sounds like Bush wants to strut his macho stuff again in another failing attempt to get his poll numbers up. But really, it’s not just Bush, the US has been meddling in other countries for decades, imperialism is an ugly thing indeed.