Global warming ‘leading to genetic changes’

Evidence is growing that climate change is leading to genetic changes that are passed down the generations in animals as diverse as birds, squirrels and mosquitoes, scientists report. “Studies show that over several decades, rapid climate change has led to heritable, genetic changes in animal populations.

Global warming revisionist and right-wing nutcase Jonathan (“Hideous left-wing conspiracies are everywhere”) Hoenig appears to be a tragic example of such genetic mutations. Note his odd facial expression while foaming at the mouth on Fox News announcing, in bold defiance of the facts, that there is no proof of global warming and it’s a conspiracy by Greens who hate ‘advancement’ and want ‘to lead us back to the stone age.’ Greens, of course, favor the technologically advanced hybrid car, but let’s not confuse the addled Mr. Hoenig with an intrusion by reality.

PS His investment company is named Capitalist Pig which seems further proof of serious genetic misfiring.


  1. I really enjoy your blog….You should think of posting it on my new politics top sites directory.


  2. Wow. I hadn’t seen that. I’ll probably blog it tonight and link back.


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