Police Apologize to UK Muslims

British police have apologized to the Muslim minority for last week’s anti-terror raid on a house in east London, which resulted in the arrest and shooting of [one] apparently innocent Muslim and undermined the minority’s trust in the police establishment as they felt unjustly targeted in the anti-terror drive.

“I am aware that in mounting this operation we have caused disruption and inconvenience to many residents in Newham, and for that I apologize,” Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman of the Metropolitan Police said in an official apology published by The Independent newspaper on Friday, June 9.

“Disruption and inconvenience?” Police officers shot two apparently blameless men then terrorized a neighborhood. I’m guessing those residents would consider that to be a teensy bit more than an ‘inconvenience.’

Appealing for calm, Hayman said: “We must all pull together in a tolerant manner. This isn’t the time for conflict and anger.”

It’s the police who need to learn tolerance. For an apology to mean something, those apologizing need to change their behavior so it doesn’t happen again, otherwise it’s just a meaningless, empty pretense.


  1. Two brothers were arrested, only one shot. Not that that lessens the farce that is the anti-terror squad. Police shootings of civilians seems to be on the increase in the UK. We have had a man shot in England, a cancer recovering patient, who was carrying a coffee table leg he had just got repaired. Somebody had reported that a man with a shot gun and an Irish accent had just left a pub, that it seems was enough for the armed response unit to take action. Though the accent was Scottish as he was a Scotsman.

  2. I updated the post, the original article was slightly garbled anyway.

    Hmm, at least your police sometimes apologize when they do something atrocious…

  3. I think this is a first as far as police apology goes. I’m sure there’s an ulterior motive.

  4. After all the talk of chemical bombs and one man being shot, both men have been released without charge and after nearly a couple of weeks of searching their home, nothing found. What information were they acting on?

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